About Our Studio

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How We Got Here

The Long and (Kinda) Short of It

Super Hubs and I moved to San Luis Obispo, CA in 2000. We needed jobs, so my tenacious little self spent six months pestering the woman who owned Christine's Flower Market right next door to our cottage. My big break came when her little schnauzer was hit by car - awful I know. But I helped her lock up her shop and get Oscar to the vet. Together we waited while that nutty little dog was patched up and given a new lease on life.

That night Christine asked if I wanted to help her process some flowers the next day. Yaaaaassssssss! I was at the shop the next day where I stripped roses for customer appreciation day. After showing Christine my work ethic, she invited me back the next day to help around the shop. By the end of day two, I was a full-time employee of Christine's Flower Market.

I spent the next three years helping Christine with her business, honing my design skills (I hated making boutonnieres), and learning the floral business. When it was time for Christine to move on, she offered me her business. At the time, we couldn't afford to buy it, but I stayed on with the new owner for another two years. 

In those two years, I ran the shop, kept honing my design skills and developed my plan (insert evil laugh here)...

In 2005, I decided to launch my own flower business. Behind our cottage was 150 sq. foot storage room and a connecting carriage garage. This became my first floral studio. Super Hubs built it out and I launched my business.

Over the next six years, I grew my business, we acquired and built out the carriage garage into what it is today - a 450 sq. foot design studio and showroom in the tradition of a European flower shop.

I've watched owners of the corner shop come and go, but here I stay, at home in my studio creating gorgeous things for gorgeous people. It's home and we welcome you to join us where your vision is our mission.



PS - I love making boutonnieres. My sister-in-law laughs every time she sees me making one (I hated them that much), because according to her, they are the most beautiful things she's ever seen. 

Wanna Visit?

Sprigs Floral Designs Studio is located in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Tailored after a European style flower shop but in a cozy & charming carriage garage. Shop our florals online, local delivery available.